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The being strategy reinvented Structured settlement Sharia financial products

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Despite Indonesia as a country with the largest embraces Islam, Sharia financial products known principles have new a few years ago and is still very limited. Starting from the banking sector, with the Bank Muamalat in November 1991. Principles of sharia not only in the limited context of banking, but also includes the various economic activities and investment, including in the capital markets and asuransi.Anda certainly heard the term sharia banking, or, more knowledgeable more Sharia-based economy. Even be so many of you who already use the services of financial institutions Sharia. Some of you have considered a bank only to Sharia Muslim community.

Is it so, Sharia bank intended only for the Muslims only? Sorry, we do a big when you think like itu.Bank Sharia actually applies to all persons or Universal. Sharia itself is just a principle or a system in accordance with the rules or the teachings of Islam. Anyone can use financial services bank syariah.Ketika the Indonesian monetary crisis, Medio, 1997, has been providing Sharia system of benefits for many people. Of course you remember, at the time, the loan interest rate bounced up to tens of percent higher. As a result, many of the businesses that can not afford to pay. However, this phenomenon does not apply to businesses that use the funds from the bank syariah. The employers do not need to pay interest up to tens of percent, enough to share their results with the Sharia bank Determining the percentage of results is done at the beginning of the principles pinjaman.Prinsip-DasarPrinsip titipan or savings-Al-wadi ' ahAl-wadi'ah can be defined as pure titipan from one side to the other parties, whether individuals or legal entities, which must be maintained and be returned at any time the penitip wills.

Application in banking products, in which the savings bank as the recipient can use this principle in a bank known as the conventional gyro products. As a consequence, all profits generated from the fund titipan became bank owned (as well as vice versa). As a reward, get the storage security of property, and also the facilities of the World Bank giro lain.Dalam in increasingly competitive, incentive or bonus can be given and this became the policy of the bank concerned. This is done in an effort to stimulate enthusiasm for goodness-rakat in saving and health indicators as well as the bonus is not prohibited bank.Pemberian with notes not previously required and the amount is not specified in percentage or in absolute terms in advance, but it truly is a policy bank Principles for the results (profit sharing) Al-MudharabahSecara technical, al-mudharabah is a business cooperation contract between two parties, in which the first party to provide all (100 percent) of capital, while the other became the manager. Mudharabah business profits are divided according to the agreement in the contract, whereas if the loss, by the owner for capital losses are not due to negligence in the management. If damage is caused due to cheating or kelalian the manager, the manager should be responsible for these losses. Mudharabah transaction pattern, usually applied to products, financing and funding. On the union funds, al-mudharabah applied to: savings and deposits. While on the financing side, al-mudharabah, apply for financing capital kerja.Dengan placing funds in principle al-mudharabah, owner of the funds do not get interest as well as in the conventional banks, but the benefit ratio.

In practice, for the savings ratio at around 55 -56 percent of the investment made by the bank in the case of conventional banks, the figure is roughly equivalent to 11-12 persen.Sedangkan in the financing, if a trader needs capital to trade can then apply for financing for the results, such as al-mudharabah. How to calculate the first estimate of the income will be obtained by customers from the project. For example, income from capital is Rp.30 million Rp.5 million / month. Of income must be first repayment of capital to savings, only a Rp.2 million. The rest is divided between the bank with the agreement with the customer in advance, for example, 60 percent to 40 percent of the customers and to bank.Al-MusyarakahDalam this system is going cooperation between the two parties or more to a particular business. The parties work together to contribute capital.

Profit or risk the business will be in accordance with kesepakatan.Dalam with this system, what are known as the conventional bank financing as a means. In concrete, if you have a business and want to obtain additional capital, you can use the product al-musyarakah this. The core of this pattern is, Sharia bank and you are jointly contribute capital and used to run the business. The portion of bank syariah akan effect as the inclusion of the agreed benefits. In conventional banking, financing, such as this credit is similar to the capital kerja.Prinsip Al-MurabahahDalam this scheme, there was a sale and purchase of goods on the original price with the additional advantage that the value agreed between the parties. In this case the seller must notify the product price to buy it and determine a level of benefits in addition. Suppose you need credit to purchase a car. In conventional banking you will be charged interest and you are required to pay monthly installments for a certain time. In the banking sector, interest rates that may apply to change. Syariah bank in the system, of course, as this product is also available.

But not of the credit, but use the principle of buy-sell, which is termed the Murabahah. In this case, the bank syariah akan buy the car you want first, then sell it to you again. But, because the bank syariah menalanginya first, then when you sell to, it costs a little more expensive, as a form of Sharia bank profits. Because the benefits of Sharia bank agreed in the future, then the value of the repayments you should pay relatively more tetap.Tentunya many more principles of Sharia banking, which we describe above is the basic principles are commonly known in Sharia banking. Bank Syariah The difference seen when scanning technically, save in Sharia bank de-ngan present in conventional banks almost no difference. This is because, in both the bank and sharia banks are required to follow the technical rules of conventional banking in general. However, when observed in more, there are some fundamental differences between keduanya.Perbedaan located on the first akadnya. In the Sharia bank, all transactions must be based on a contract that permitted by Sharia.

Thus, all transactions must follow the rules and regulations that apply to the akad-akad muamalah Sharia. In the conventional banks, the opening of transaction accounts, both in giro, savings and deposits, based on the agreement titipan, but titipan this principle does not comply with Sharia rules, for example wadi'ah, because in the Gyro products, savings and deposits, promises to reward the interest rate is fixed against disetor.Perbedaan money that is located on the second reward was given. Bank using the conventional concept of cost (cost concept) to calculate the benefits. That is, the interest promised in the face to the customer is a reservoir or freight charges must be paid by the bank Therefore, the bank must be "sold" to other customers (borrowers) with the interest cost is higher. The difference between them is called the spread indicates whether the company is hit or loss. When the spread is positive, where the burden of interest charged to borrowers higher interest rates from a given reservoir, it can be said that the bank benefit. Instead the bank syariah benar.Sedangkan approach using profit-sharing, meaning that funds received are channeled to the financing bank Benefits obtained from the financing were two, and for the bank to customers, based on the profit sharing agreement in muka.Perbedaan third target is the credit / financing. The reservoir in the conventional banks do not realize that ditabung lent money to various business, regardless of halal-haram tersebut.Sedangkan business in Sharia bank, savings and the distribution of the community are limited by basic principles, namely principles of Sharia means that the loan may not be to the business such as unlawful, gambling, drinks are forbidden, pornography and other businesses that are not in accordance with Sharia. Thus our review this time about the product perbanak Sharia. Hopefully this review can increase the knowledge and alternative means of investment.

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