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They Say I'm Fat

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Till stretchy. And a lot of people who take a look at it want to pinch it. It makes me more resentful. It is resentful... resentful... resentful... Veeeery resentful. What is my fault? Weep... Weep... did the fault come from the descendant from my beloved father and mother that makes my cheek really puffed-up. I don't think so. They are not fat either.

But if I really think about it again my fate was really unfortunate.
I remembered truely when I was still small. Approximately when I was five years old; my relatives came to my house. And all of them then were so happy to see my face. Not anything and and not anywhy. They seemed like they got a new toy.
What toy? What else if not my cheek that passionated them. They pinched the left cheek, then pinched the right cheek. They were so very happy then. Laugh laugh. They did not know that the owner of this cheek felt a suffering on both the body and heart. Pain on the cheek, pain also in the heart. Until the end I cried… Huaaaaa. Only then they stopped, changed to caressing. "Choop choop the sweet child should not cry please."

It was more serious when I was in SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, I remember truely that I had a friend named Rudi. A child that according to my view is one of the naughtiest on the school. It is indeed generally the child was good, not smoking, obeyed the school rule and even the national ideology and national law, never skipped class even once, moderately clever and high-achieving also. Well then why how come I said that he is naughty? Yes, because of that. He liked to pinch my cheek very much. If I daydream a little I was pinched. When I was careless a little I was pinched. His pinches were consecutive and consistent. Every day. Three times a day. After eating and before sleeping (how come it looks like taking medicine?). Yeah no matter what it was really often.

I thought when I went to university, the sympathetic experiences will end. Moreover I entered to a university that was famous enough.
Ehem… ehem… I was convinced, the students were definitely very clever, well, and very devout. Ugh ugh but the reality was not as beautiful as the dream. Friends here still liked to tease that I was fat. Still were also very rascal. Fortunately there was no one that liked to pinch this cheek. Hahaha. They understand that in this matter I have given them a ban for everyone. Including close friends. They might admire me but it is not allowed to touch me. Not even pinch. Banned hard. Verboden. And suddenly….

"Morning, Gina," Yanti greets me with his bright smile. Without any feeling of guilty or sinful.
Ouch.. ouch... a-ouch..
"Why, did I hit you very hard?"
"No question asked. Very painful you know!"
"Sorry, sorry. It is your fault anyway. Even on a morning you were daydreaming. Who were you thinking about? The Uhuy guy?"
"Oh no!!!!, very thanks to you. No meaning of Uhuy in my dictionary.."
"How come you are putting on airs."

In fact the Uhuy meant actually is Gunawan, a person that is also in the same course with them. In fact the boy is a normal boy. Very truly normal. All are normal. Normal hair, normal eyes, normal face, normal smile, the cleverness is also normal. Only one is extraordinary.... His lameness is extraordinary. Sometimes I am resentful because of him. But on one hand he can accept me the way I am. So this heart become not resentful again. I am crushed, cool and calm because of him.

In recent times the Gunawan guy is actually very close to me. I don't know why could be like that. So not-nice news are beginning to circulate in between students. Rumours and unclear gossips which I don't know where are their origin at first. Seriously. In fact it is true that I and the Gunawan guy are only normal friends. Nothing happened, or whatever it is. I swear...

The problem is that gossip power even much stronger. Therefore, that guy even get title: uhuy. For your information, uhuy is stated for a third singular person representative on a guy which is in "approaching" process. So, the uhuy statement show that he is in process of approaching me. Is it true? Who knows?

I think it’s not necessarily true. Look at his behavior. He talk and behave in the same way with all his friends (girl). Sometimes, a bit naughty. Ah, damn guy. Fortunately, he doesn’t like to pinch my cheek, otherwise our good relationship which is maintained so far will be destroyed.

However, I just don't ignore. He also does the same thing to me. Sometimes, reaallyyyy care, sometimes he is ignorant. I’m confused. My friends said that he likes me. In teenagers telenovela, it is said as fall in love.

If it is true, it’s ok for me. Coz actually I also quite put a symphaty to him. He is cheerful, kind, caring. Even though he is lame. Sooo lame. But it’s ok. The most important thing, he doesn’t say I am fat, and he doesn’t pinch my cheek.

One day, Gunawan ask me to have lunch together. I am ok to his offer. Why not? I can also borrow his lecture note for yesterday lesson. I was sleeping in lecture theatre yesterday. So many think and stuff… Like a businessman you know. Hohohoho...
We sit, be quiet, and calm. Before we order the food, Gun starts to speak:

"Gin, I know your cheek is stretchy."
"Grrr, so what?"
I am angry. I think he really can understand me. But he also said I am fat. Nooo, why must there be one more person who reveal that “fact" to me?
"Many people said that stretchy cheek is not so good."
"Yeah, I am ugly," I said frownly. Sensitive.
"But…" Gun says again.
"But what?’ I say angrily. Resentful… resentful.
"Ups, are you angry? Gun asked melancholicly. Seeing his face, I melt.
"nooo… no problem? What’s wrong, Gun?" I ask relaxly.
"but… I… I want to say something to you Gin. Important," Gun said bowing down his face. Either he is shy or scary?

Deg! My heart beats very fast. And become faster and faster. Aaargh impossible. Impossible. My blood flows quicker. What’s wrong with me? Why can Gun make me like that?

He continues his statement… still with tremble…
"I…. I…"
"Gin, could I...?"

My thought flies away. I almost forget that I go here to have lunch. Is it true that his friends gossip about Gun is true? Gun so far… without any words… Arrgh… my face turn red, but I don’t want Gun knows. That the truth… Don’t
I bow down my face. I feel that he will say that word. Ya confirmed that he will say that word...

"Gin, could I borrow your money? I don’t have anything left."

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