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Topics in Kansas History: Settlement (1830 - 1890)

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Settlement between 1830 and 1890 included thousands of American Indian tribes who were moved to the area from the East and Great Lakes area. After Kansas Territory was opened to settled in 1854 people of European ancestry chose to move to the region, increasing in numbers with statehood in 1861.

The Indian Removal Act of 1830 resulted in the settlement of more than 10,000 American Indian tribes to what is now Kansas. The Kickapoo, originally from Wisconsin, were removed to Kansas in 1832 from Missouri.In 1836 the Iowas from north of the Great Lakes were assigned a reservation in Kansas. In 1838 the Potawatomis began their move from northern Indiana. Treaties with the Sak and Fox of the Mississippi Valley from 1842 to 1861 ceded Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska lands to the United States, leaving small reserves in Doniphan and Osage Counties, Kansas. The Miamis were moved by barge from Indiana in 1846.

By the end of the 1800s, German-speaking people formed the largest group of new immigrants to Kansas. Many came from Germany but many others were living near the Volga River in Russia. They called themselves Volga-Germans or German-Russian. Most were members of one of three different religions: Lutherans, Catholics, or Mennonites. All three of these groups helped large numbers of emigrants come to Kansas.

Children of immigrants usually learned to speak English faster than their parents. One reason was that most classrooms used English only. In the early 1900s the Santa Fe Railroad paid the bilingual children of their Mexican workers to translate for them. Students also helped their parents with the language barrier when shopping and doing business.

Swedish pioneers who moved to central Kansas in the mid-1800s called their new home framtidslandet, the land of the future. Many left Sweden when famine threatened starvation. The Swedish immigrants, in turn, encouraged their friends and family to join them.

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