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Watch out, Big Money PTC (bigmoneyptc.com) SCAM ............

Hitoru | 5:13 AM | 3comments
Big Money PTC claimed that he was different to most existing PTC. They tried to show that serious investors will get a lot of money. But I'm sure that it is only just fairytales. This site is very risky for investors. So, beware, do not invest here. In fact, I think, do not waste your time joining the Big Money PTC.
Without the need to be an expert to decide that this site scam. Here's the reason why the Big Money PTC classified scam.
1. Having a relationship with the previous scam - Yeah, right. Apparently this site is one of the work "Michael Pratt", DingoBux owner, one of the sites already known as a scam. Any sites related to Michael Pratt GPTNetworks or missing and would sooner or later turn into scam. Based on the Whois info: contact information for bigmoneyptc.com is sales@gopratt.com

2. There are no Forum! - Once again, without a forum PTC site indicates that the owners care about the feedback or discussion about the site. This negative signal for a PTC business.

3. Whois info private - often if the site owner to hide his identity, there is a tendency to close the site and its members cheat. So this is also a negative signal.

5. Too good to be true. It's when what is offered by the site owner too high, we should be wary. Let's see calculations below.

Big Money In PTC, you can buy ads cost only $ 3 for 1000 hits. Please correct me if wrong. Advertisers only pay $ 3 to get 1000 clicks, but a member (click builders like me and you) will be paid 10 cents per click ads. Did you know, how much should be paid by the owner of the site for 1000 click perkliknya worth 10 cents? $ 100 dollars!

So, if the advertiser pays only $ 3, from which they get the $ 97? How they will pay you as a member? So, once again, do not need to be an expert to know that Big Money is a scam PTC. You can judge for yourself.
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