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To master the Angels do not need Asmak complex process. No special requirements needed, except for good intentions or goals and believe in the existence of God Almighty. After the attunement is complete, students can immediately use for the treatment Asmak Angels and automatically protected from various dangers. Students can increase the quantity of energy contained in your body by way of meditation affirmations.

We know, that Angels are beings who were given direct communication capability with the Lord. In this case, they protect and help the Angels Asmak pengamal permission and will of God. Therefore, it is certain that all the "miracles" that occurred in Asmak pengamal Angels are due thanks to God alone. Not at all, no element of energy that comes from the jinn or astral beings other than angels.

Attunement Process

Attunement is a process of alignment aided by a teacher to the mind-body connect a student with Angel Energy. In giving attunements, a teacher can not act as themselves. One teacher believes that he was only an intermediary, as one of God, which is the ability to give God the Almighty. There is no any energy put into the student body. Simply put, to say the teacher only opens the door of energy, while the Angel Energy is energy that comes because of the blessing of God Almighty.

Thus, although the attunement done in a gang, all students will have the same relative results, comparable with sincerity and good faith of students. On the other hand, a Master even in a day doing attunement many times, he did not run out of energy, because he did not transfer energy to the students.

Attunement charging different (read: transfer / energy transfer). Excess attunements than "filling" is to avoid the side effects of the energy that is not appropriate or not balanced. Especially if the energy is transferred teachers may be less clear because these teachers are in a sad emotional state / anger / lust / etc., So that students can pollute the energy that may be more pure. Pollution effects of energy disorder usually on physical and mental health. Because Asmak Angel attunements open the door only energy, while energy is filled directly from God, then no need to fear that there are risks, and of course the energy that will get students very pure and in harmony with the body.

Attunement can not be done by force or without the knowledge of students concerned. Pupils should be fully conscious and deliberately following the attunement process. In addition, the most important is the intent / purpose of the students themselves positively. If students follow the attunement with a negative goal, it certainly will not work attunements open the door of energy. If the negative goal came after the attunements and after the students have a spiritual capacity, it will lose its spiritual abilities proportional to the intensity of the negative intentions and proportional to the crime of students had ever done. Instantly the students realized his mistake, then the Angels will Asmak energy self again.

As we've mentioned in previous pages, that students develop Asmak Anshori Mbah a way Angel and his style of each. We who happened to know the Internet, with God's help, succeeded in developing attunement techniques that can be followed by all people from various places, without having to meet with the teacher / master. We will discuss techniques Master attunements work Narendra specifically later. Now we'll let you know the original tradition Asmak Angels decline.

According decline Procedures Original Tradition

Mbah Anshori down Asmak Angel with a unique way and a bit troublesome. Maybe that's the way that taught Sunan Muria to Mbah Anshori. Before it all began, Mbah Anshori prepare sticky rice and a few small pieces of buffalo skin wrapped in banana leaves. In addition, there should be a glass of water / mineral water. Then the students brought into a special room, and asked to mimic affirmations (prayer) pronounced by Mbah Anshori. During the Anshori Mbah imitate speech, the right hand index finger inserted into the student glass of water. When finished saying affirmations, then the students eat sticky rice and pieces of buffalo skin. Then drank the water. After that just described the various issues related to Asmak Angel.

Mbah Anshori call this process as a process of "baiat" (the agreement), because before the teacher explained about Asmak Angel, students will be asked for an appointment to use the Angel for good Asmak alone. Some other teachers call this process with the term "diploma". There also are called "filling" as they may think that in the process, Mbah Anshori to the students fill in the energy. And we think, all the energy obtained in the process of decline of science is derived from divine energy manifested in the form of angels. Therefore, we prefer to call the process with the term "alignment" or "attunement". Is not a man, a teacher can only ask God in a way he believes in, so that students under his supervision given certain spiritual abilities by God the merciful?

Results Development Master Rama Narendra

Attunement process is very easy, fast and able to anywhere. Attunement is done by preparing a glass of mineral water, listening to a music that "works" in particular by Master Narendra so can be a means of aligning Angel Asmak energy. Music is recorded in the midi file that you can play on the computer, MP3 player, or Hand Phone. For ease of reference, we call it music with the "Audio Attunement". Not all people who listen to Audio Attunement is directly controlled Asmak Angel. Audio Attunement will only be useful when used by people who intend to positive and the right (get permission from the Master Rama Narendra)

We hope you do not ask: How can? Attunement done only by listening to recorded voice ..! - Master Narendra had its own reasons to keep working how practical attunement technique is the result of creative taste and Master Narendra own initiative. Although there is no scientific explanation, but of course we will not use this handy technique if not proven effective. We give you one free chance to prove the effectiveness of such attunement techniques.

We have done this test of practical techniques, and the results were satisfactory. Hopefully the new techniques found in the Master Narendra after several days of meditation, can be a solution to the difficulties in living a spiritual though. This technique combines practical Attunement between tradition and modern technology so you can get a spiritual lesson from anywhere, anytime, and without having to meet directly with the teacher. On the other hand, we continue to receive visitors (students) who just want to see or get a direct attunement.

After the attunement done, then certainly the door Angel Asmak energy in the student body was open. This energy is the door where the entrance and the divine energy absorbed when the students meditating affirmations. The more energy the door that opened Asmak Angel (by following the next level attunement), then the maximum energy that can be absorbed by the larger.

In general, after you follow the process of attunement and affirmations had memorized it, then you can take advantage of the energy level Asmak Angel 1 for martial arts, safety and healing for yourself. With your routine affirmations meditation with resignation, your spiritual capabilities will increasingly develop.

If your sense of taste quite sensitive, so you can feel the sensation of heat, cold and vibration-geratan soft on your body when you get the attunement and meditation affirmations. Especially in the upper head area (disk makhkota). You will also feel the vibration of energy coming through your spine. In addition, to gain confidence, you can perform verification of energy. The way of proof will be specifically described in the guidelines that you want to download.

Note: The term Angel Attunement Asmak first used by Master Rama Narendra. Just to clarify that the actual reduction which occurs when the science is not charging or energy transfer from teacher to pupil, but the alignment of energy conducted to the students so that teachers can use students Angels Asmak energy. Previously, the entire process of decline Asmak better known as the Angel of charge or baiat term.

Make sure you learn from the True Guru ..!! Master Rama Narendra www.asmakmalaikat.com only bless website as an information center website Asmak Angel. We guarantee that there would be no benefit, if you study the guidelines Angel Asmak and audio files on his attunement to other websites which imitate the concepts and techniques developed by Master attunements Narendra. Make sure you get guidance from the Angel Asmak official website. We do not cover your losses and negative side effects due to learning from the wrong source.

MEDITATION Affirmation

Affirmation (Auto-suggestion) is to consolidate the confidence to say a hope repeatedly. For example states, "I was able to solve all the problems that had befallen me. I was always happy and enjoying every challenge of life. "It's just an example of general affirmation, and everyone can make an affirmation that match with itself to gain the confidence and motivation in achieving goals.

Perform auto-suggestion or affirmation for others who do not understand the purpose that we wish to achieve will probably think we were insane. But according to a psychology ahi, Albert Cray, "One of the common determinant of success is the habit of doing things that are not done by people who failed." Because the auto-suggestion or affirmation with confidence with proven very influential on the thinking and perseverance us in taking steps to get closer to the target we want to achieve.

In spiritual terms, affirmations are believed to be the sentence that mediates God's help coming. In this case, the affirmation also called a prayer (hope) a servant to his Lord. Javanese people call affirmation as a mantra, but we prefer to use the term affirmation, to avoid a negative impression inherent in the word Mantra. And if we go into the science of mantra, the mantra was not all negative.

Angel Affirmation Asmak sentence consists of mixed Javanese language Arabic. For those of you who are not Java and do not speak arabic, do not be pessimistic before. For healthy people and have average intelligence, we are sure, will not have trouble pronouncing and memorize it. Even for affirmation rates very short one, so that anyone can memorize in a few minutes.

Meditation is the activity of a deep reflection. This activity is a business that brings the mind / consciousness into a state of silence, so open this self-awareness that is part of the power of God Almighty. Meditation is a very effective way to know yourself, well control it. We can be a real man, that is our true self, without being influenced by "negative forces" we do not want. Is that negative force? Negative forces is all the emotions / feelings, desires, intentions and negative thoughts that led us to the actions that will harm yourself or others.

Affirmation Meditation So whether it?

Meditation is an activity of the understanding of the Angel Asmak affirmations. Affirmation Meditation is an exercise to absorb and accumulate the energy of angels very easy to do. You do not need to do certain movements, even you do not need to concentrate or focus. In meditation affirmations, you just need to sit down with a free position and relax all the muscles of the body. Affirmation meditation may be done with eyes open or eyes closed. The more relaxed body and mind, the greater the energy that can be absorbed. In the relaxed condition, the Affirmation Asmak Angel in my heart to read or spoken repeatedly.

Affirmation Meditation can be done anytime, provided you are in a clean place. Meditating in a dirty place such as toilets, or garbage disposal does not cause harm to you and not damage the door is already open energy, but also does not provide maximum results.

Affirmation Meditation main benefits are:


Opening / wide split, switch, clean and align chakras and energy channels in the etheric body / spirit.

Exercise patience, perseverance and discipline.

Inner calm, spiritual awareness, self-control easier.

Increased confidence, charisma and authority.

Cleaning the negative energy that blocks of life.

Maintaining physical health, mental, and treat various diseases that have in themselves.

Maintaining harmony with your body's energy Energy Angels.

Maintain and improve the performance of chakras and energy channels throughout the body, especially the crown chakra as the energy entrance.

Relieve stress in a fast time, reduce negative emotions such as anger, resentment, hatred and so excessive.

Angels to absorb energy is converted to Tenaga Dalam.

Sharpen sensitivity and evoke a sense of supernatural abilities (beyond human abilities in general).

According to Mbah Anshori, more affirmation meditation, the greater the accumulated energy, and spiritual skills even better. Meditation affirmations must be done for 7 nights in a row after you get Asmak Angel attunements any level. In meditation affirmations should read at least 41 times. Meditation affirmations for 7 this evening function for the stabilization and further harmonize. After 7 nights, you do not have to do meditation affirmations every night. But to keep rote affirmations, we recommend that you read every day even if only once.

Angel Energy and Power In

Angels Asmak a practitioner, he can flow in two types of energy, the Energy and Power in Angel. Angel Energy is energy derived directly from Guardian Angel is believed to help practitioners Asmak Malailaikat. The quality and quantity of energy does not depend kualitasi Angels and quantity of your affirmations meditation. Even if you only do 5 minutes of meditation affirmations every day, you will not run out of energy use for various needs angel. Angel energy emanating directly from the angels. When you intend to mengunakannya, then you just need to relax and surrender to the Angel Energy flows by itself. You will not feel tired after using the Energy Angels.

The main requirements to use Angel Energy is a positive goal. Energy Angels extraordinary occurs only when absolutely necessary, not to fool around and certainly will not appear when the practitioner aims Asmak Angel negative.

Because naturally, the human body can not store energy very gentle angel and clean, so when you do meditation affirmations Angel Energy converted automatically by the heart chakra and the navel chakra into power in order to "digest" and utilized the body.

Different energy Energy In terms of cleanliness Angels and refinement vibrations. The quality and quantity of energy in meditation depends on the affirmation that you do. The better the meditation, the more smooth and clean energy stored in the body. Tanaga In nature such as battery, the energy limited, can be discharged if it is used and the content can be re-affirmation by meditation.

Unlike the Angel of Energy, which can only be used for positive goals, Tenaga Dalam more flexible. Power In can be used freely as you wish people who have it. Even for the less important purposes, such as skin immunity test, the attraction force, breaking hard objects, fire resistant, and so on.

When a practitioner Asmak angel intentional crime or intended for evil, then only the depth of energy to function. But keep in mind, though power in can be used freely, but if you study the initial goals Asmak Angels are for negative purposes, you certainly will not succeed. If the negative goal comes after you have Asmak Angels, then your guardian angel immediately be away from you, and the left is power in the consumables. But if you've repented, instantly protective angel will accompany you and help you again.



Angel energy we mean energy emitted by the angel who is believed to follow and help people learn Asmak Angel. You can read about in the article Energy Mechanism Angel Aid God.

Power Within is a general term used to refer to metaphysical energy stored in the body. Actually there are various types of metaphysical energy that can be stored in the human body. Special Power In terms that we use on this website (asmakmalaikat.com) only refers to the energy of angels who have been converted into a decent energy stored in the body. Power in the affirmation meditation diperloleh with more vibration energy softer, but stronger. In contrast to the energy in the breath of the vibrations were more rough.

Each object has an aura, whether it is dim or bright. Energy stored in the body will emit a brighter aura. This aura can be seen by people who have clairvoyance. You need to know, out there a lot of people claim to "clairvoyant" to wander, to see this and that, but a lie. Be careful in the studied, find the right teacher for you to not lose money. Generally clairvoyance is innate talent or can be owned only by people who have inner peace and was not bound by the mundane.


After getting the attunements for the first time, a direct disciple of Energy Angels can use for the treatment and start right away students are protected from various dangers which threaten the soul-body. As for other benefits, students will be sought after the student doing Meditation Affirmation for several days. Meditation routine affirmation that will hone a variety of spiritual abilities by itself.

In essence, the benefits of Asmak Angel Level 1 to 5 have in common that is for safety, martial arts, medicine, cleansing the soul (etheric body), increased confidence, the main chakras and activate other important chakra, awakening inner power, inner peace, awareness and tools approach to God. But also understandable that the higher the level of science students, the greater the energy / maximum capacity that can be earned. And there are also special benefits at certain levels that are not found in the previous level.

You've called the Angel Asmak practitioner when you start practicing Level 1 Asmak Angels in everyday life you are. A practitioner does not have to learn all levels Asmak Angel. Even most of the practitioners Asmak Angels - who do not intend to teach Asmak Angels to others - felt quite at level 3.

How to use Angel Asmak very easy. Simply by reading the affirmations with specific intentions with submission to the will of God, the Angel of Energy will lead to what you intend. Even for the benefit of protection, a practitioner does not have to do anything. In the conscious state or not, from any side that threatened danger, He will always be safe.

Asmak Angel has many benefits. Because of the size advantage, we can not limit to what can and can not be obtained from Asmak Angel. Angels Asmak benefits continue to grow, as the development and experience for students studying Asmak Angel. Many of the benefits that became known after an unfortunate incident. We think, open to anyone to develop the potential of Angels Asmak still a mystery. As far as God willing, to the extent that the spiritual capabilities we can get from Asmak Angel.

Proof Asmak ANGELS

Students can test the truth of Asmak Angels in many ways. For strong-minded students, not to feel horror / fear, be able to test with a stab, stab, incision and even weapons. There are also students who dared to test with pellet gun shots. But that has not dared to, could test by channeling energy into the Angels Asmak fruit / vegetables with the aim of inhibiting kebusukannya. Especially for Asmak Angels 3 levels can tested by channeling energy into the parent incubated eggs, certainly can not hatch eggs.

But once again we emphasize, that the success of trials is not the main purpose of the study Asmak Angel. Trial is no guarantee of success a student can take advantage of Asmak Angels in times of need. In fact, many students who choose not to test, but in practice he was able to take advantage of everyday Angel Asmak for various purposes which are useful for himself and for others. Many people who become convinced, just because it felt the sensation of vibration and heat / cold during the process of attunement and when he was meditating affirmations.

Success is highly dependent test how much power the self-contained in the student. As we mentioned earlier, a major power in the quality and quantity depending on Meditation Affirmation. In conclusion, if a student wants to succeed in the various trials, it must be diligently meditating affirmations.

When one student to test, for example with the puncture, then he will use the stored energy in the body. Energy Angels can not directly be used for testing purposes or other purposes that are less useful. But remember, the stored energy in the body could have been if too much is used.

Common error made by the student's test is "lost in admiration" that does not realize that the power in her was gone. Ignorance is natural, because for the energy detection techniques can only be mastered by students who have a 4-level attunements. Several times reported, that when disciples absorbed prick test with a needle, suddenly the sting to-many times, the needle can penetrate the skin. Whereas previously the needle did not penetrate the skin. This is because Tenaga Dalam already exhausted.

Therefore, our advice, if you are not sure and want to test, then do it occasionally, just to get a conviction. Do not do repeated trials, although it was very enjoyable. Be careful of your feelings, pleasure in trials can be worn from you feel "oh I'm great ..!!". Sense of pride in yourself can lead to arrogance. We do not recommend students for testing. We prefer that students can use Angel Asmak to more useful purposes. Utilization of energy for the less important goals can hamper spiritual development.

Different if the students use the Angel for treatment Asmak done sincerely, then the energy stored in the body not so participate. The energy used is the Energy Angel directly. A practitioner who is treating the patient, will not feel tired or run out of energy. Even tend to become more healthy and fresh for him to be just the flow of energy parantara Angel.

Similarly, for protection from harm. Angel Asmak automatically functioning, although people who were attacked did not know or in the sleep state. Energy angel protecting non-stop every time. No matter how much the attack had happened, as long as you are on the right side, then the Energy Angels protect you until all the people who attacked decide to surrender. Even if you've followed the attunement level 2 or higher, an attacker can not touch, in a distance of about 5 meters attacker will fall and his body limp.

What if I'm attacked for my mistakes? For example, I was beaten up because my car hit a pedestrian? "- If it is not your fault accident, then the Angel of Energy to protect you. But if you beat someone because you have done evil, then that act is Power Within You. For if You can survive and hard whether the protective effects of the attack (due to your crime) depends on the energy stored in your body.

Asmak Angels do not make you a super human being who does not know the pain and injury. Body Asmak Angels practitioners remain as the human body in general, but had a "protection" is always ready to protect if necessary. Although the energy of angels to protect you from disease, but when you are resting, eating irregularly, and too many thoughts, you can still get minor illnesses like colds, coughs and colds. Although the level of pain you suffered must have been greatly reduced and heal faster than before practice Asmak Angel. As for the deadly diseases like cancer and HIV, believed to Asmak Angels gave full protection and prevention.

Angel Asmak practitioners can still hurt, especially the small wounds that are not intended as lacerations, impaled needles, razor cut and so on. During the wound was not considered life-threatening (causing death), then the energy of angels only work to minimize the effects of the wound and accelerate wound healing. Medical surgery and injections can still be done smoothly, while the wound will heal faster.

Asmak existence of angels - that is a business mind - is in addition to the usual business was born to do. Keep careful in all our activities so that we avoid any accidents. You are not allowed to live as they pleased because they feel Asmak Angel makes you "immune" from any interference. If you have a feeling that, just feeling like this could hamper the flow of energy of angels. Stay humble (not low self-esteem), to be respectful of others, and surrender to God Almighty. In essence, a practitioner Asmak Angels do not deserve to feel proud of the science has.

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