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Life expectancy or settlement of tips 10 the village in 2011

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Life expectancy or settlement of the village in 2011 - At the end of 2010, at the dawn of a new year comes the proceedings to resolve the expectations of life and new optimism. Most of the bottom of the solution life and production of life insurance behind the secondary market is moving toward recovery. Km and speed remains to be determined. However, the following are among the top ten projects that life settlements in 2011.

1) secondary market, increasing access to purchase. We all know, is slowly re-enter the capital market, but is still far from the highest level before experiencing the Great Depression. And most of the activities in 2010 focused on the nature and investors who seek higher sealed or conservative politics. And these opportunities become less and less in 2011 will be redirected to the activities of capital markets and the emergence of high politics.

2) private property in a timely manner: Investment banks and other investors exited the market in 2009 and 2010, all are eager to find the next great player. Is an emphasis on private equity in 2011 to it. Swirling rumors is to link their currencies to seek acquisitions in the old market, recently began to sponsor some of these funds.

3) Small investors this news: Many institutional investors are waiting to flood the market and solving life and property, and forget, wealthy individuals and family businesses are generally able to play a major role. With an eye to diversifying revenue and predictable, and we hope accredited investors and family businesses are the most buyers have never had, in 2011.

4) Increase the life settlement broker in the past, it is relatively easy for manufacturers, as in real life to solve the broker. However, best practices, refer to the new industrial brokers and brokerage firms are more likely to be decided by life insurance policyholders interested in selling their policies. "Travel", not just in small pockets of funding, but more stringent licensing and regulatory compliance requirements, it is difficult for anyone but the agent moves in the field effectively. We will see production in 2011 is likely to happen than to an independent mediator to resolve them as they may have in the past.

5) continue to promote this regulation, but about 20% of countries are still unregulated, and write on the wall, change is inevitable. Some countries have been the main organizer of the work of legislation and consumer protection is a hot topic issue, and Legislative Council of the resonance. Predict the direction of users to use organizational life, to continue in 2011 to resolve it.

To) agents, VI and consultants to decide, life settlements, has never been in many countries, new 2011 model of the legal requirements to inform consumers NCOIL airline solutions for life insurance policies being surrendered or allowed by . Now, agents and financial advisors in the early settlements, but in practice, should solve this problem, vector drive policyholders with questions and inquiries to those on the first line of insurance.

7) increased emphasis on information security for a very long time, the transmission of confidential information between the owner of politics and brokers, agents and service providers to use safe methods such as e-mail. In 2011, the industry needs and best practices, security of data, we hope to use more specialized solutions such as life Settlewerx and so on.

8 suppliers) to enlarge Although the big companies do not go anywhere, expected direction of the smaller boutique providers of services, professional investors and pocket money to continue in 2011.

9) Asian investments, U.S. and European investors an important pillar of life investment decisions, the United States. In 2011 we hope to see more capital from Asia and the Middle East, this is a relatively untapped source of investment funds. If the new position and plans in this part of the world begin to generate new sources of funding next year.

He is 10) parameters of the broader, although buy policy concessions Cherry select the name of the game in 2010, we expect to achieve by 2011 a more extensive way to buy. In competition policy, buyers consider the issue may not only applications received in 2010.

As the economy and most comprehensive capital market is expected to be resolved as 0.2011 to improve the living environment. For those who have the ability to live in the past two years, noisy, and we hope to be rewarded fruitful 2011.
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