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What Companies Bank Vs Insurance - which is safer? ...

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Throughout the world people want to know whether they should put money in banks and insurance companies. In the global economy, banks and institutions around the world are the same company. Banks and credit process for the exchange of information and provide cash in trade, capital flows to maintain speed than ever. Insurance companies on the other hand, more conservative, their investments. Here are some differences.
Bank of advantages:
One of the best things that will make you money, banks decide, they will probably be the local branch to drive or walk. It is easy to handle deposits, obtain cash, access to credit for buying a car or house. When you purchase certificates of deposit, you can drive the local branch of our people who can help you live with new products and interest rates. Now take online banking and can solve many of the same functions from the comfort of the local branch of the family. And covers banks in the United States to $ 250,000 in Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Disadvantages of Bank:

No need to look hard to see the shortcomings in the banking system. 1920 collapse of the savings and loan crisis and the collapse of the market, insiders in 2008 on Wall Street as banks, the government cares about people. This is a disaster because one thing, "greedy". I hear only the word "huge failure? May affect the bank's money. If you give $ 1, they can borrow $ 30 or more.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation seized:

2008 25 banks

140 banks in 2009

157 banks in 2010

Only 11 banks in January 2011

It is reported that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the American taxpayers on the hook because all these banks lending.

Insurance company benefits:

When you buy a year or monetary value life insurance, money invested in bonds and options. Insurance companies are required by law to maintain a certain amount of foreign exchange reserves. The company is a person from the federal government and states. Insurance companies, and help save the government and Wall Street in 1920.

Protect the company and the value of money for pensions:

Each Party shall ensure the protection of national associations. What does this mean you is that every point in $ 100,000 - $ 250,000 and also cover their deposits just like banks. In addition, money and protection of creditors (in the state administration) and money in pension and insurance money value of life will love you free will or the recipient.

The shortcomings of the insurance company:

Depending on the type of policy you may have to spend money on charges for early return follows a similar policy from your bank certificate of deposit in advance. Pension and retirement and a car if you get the money reaching 59 and a half, can impose a sanction IRS.

Finally, you must make the best choice for your needs. Remember to check your ranking of banks and insurance companies, then you put your money in the organizations. Banks may come or go, but the insurance company may be a good alternative to the safe and conservative investment.
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