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Important information about auto insurance direct need to know

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Important information about auto insurance direct need to know - Although most public notices, to obtain direct motor insurance is so easy, even cavemen can do it, nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that insurance companies will look into the past, his driving record, gender, age and location, then take a decision before the premium you pay. If it is so easy, why not try to obtain insurance and how to drive past and you will have to pay higher premiums go to court or obtaining a driver's license revoked or canceled. To keep premiums down, clean driving record is necessary to keep it clean, you should avoid tickets and death.
Here are some important factors to consider when caveman (no pun intended):
Paul: If you happen to the birth of equality and justice, can be used for payment of premiums less. It does not seem fair, but this rule is based on the belief that men are generally more irresponsible and faster car than women. However, contrary to popular belief, I've seen women who are young end of the age group of traveling 70 miles per hour and collided with another bumper. And it seems that some forms of prejudice against women, but life is not so beautiful after all.
Location: Cave to answer your questions. Living in the richest regions mean higher premiums. Postal code and your business. If you live near a bad reputation and ability to steal your car, or more than one person living in relative security in the region. I have a brother who pay half the premiums payable. Direct Auto Insurance and real estate prices and positioning.
Type of vehicle: If you have a smooth model is likely to be stolen, most likely. In addition, some vehicles, one car thieves popular than others. Thieves and popular models, luxury, since they are in great demand in the market for stolen vehicle parts and illegal export to other countries.
Your insurance company may charge a premium for higher benefits associated with these vehicles.
Past driving record: If the driving record of the past is wrong is if involved in a car accident or drunk driving record will pay a higher premium which is less polluting than the dossier behavior.
Although the direct purchase of insurance is important to know that such factors as age, sex, location, management of the past do not think the Neanderthals.
Directory of auto insurance to protect their assets such as car, truck or vehicle with four wheels of fire, theft and destruction. This is a good idea to have car insurance policy may cover the conditions of this policy. This is the right thing for car insurance quotes by visiting the website of insurance companies.

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